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Future Man debuted its Season 2 premiere at New York Comic Con

fter debuting in November 2017, the Hulu original series Future Man is ready to return and, somehow, get even weirder the second time around. The cast and creative crew of the series came to New York Comic Con 2018 to give fans the first look at the new season, including the world premiere of the first new episode of the show.

Rather quickly, it becomes apparent that the future Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson) thought he saved in Season 1 is somehow even worse off. Now he’s expected to once again save the world with little more skills than being good at video games. Now, though, Futterman has the experience to actually change the timeline… maybe. In the meantime, he will urinate on himself, be constantly humiliated, and simply attempt not to die in horrible ways.

After the Season 2 premiere episode was shown, the first trailer for the new episodes was revealed, giving even more of an idea of what’s to come. In the new and terrible future, Wolf (Derek Wilson) is married to five people as they raise a child together–which is played as being completely normal in whatever version of reality they’ve ended up in–while Tiger’s (Eliza Coupe) status as a biotic, which was revealed in the Season 1 finale, is going to cause quite a strain on the team. Fans will also be introduced to other Tiger biotics with a variety of personalities, which should prove very entertaining. Additionally, Coupe said in the panel that “my voice is different,” when it comes to the alternate Tigers, including one that is rather high-pitched.

The main drive of the new season sees the future divided between two groups, one of which wants to relocate half of the future’s population to Mars. The other group, meanwhile, simply wants to be left alone. As this is all happening, a group called the Pointed Circle is plotting some kind of attack, which uses Futterman in some kind of key way that will definitely kill him. Unsurprisingly, he’s on the run because of this.

Source: Gamespot