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57 Seconds to be Released on September 29

Every second is precious for Josh Hutcherson in the upcoming action thriller 57 Seconds. He plays a tech blogger, after saving the life of a tech genius played by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, happens upon an item that allows him to go briefly back in time. His discovery leads him down a dark path of revenge with consequences far beyond his comprehension. Collider is excited to share the first images and key art from the new film ahead of its release in September that unite Hutcherson and Freeman for a time-bending, pulse-pounding adventure.

57 Seconds stars Hutcherson as Franklin Fox who’s about to get the interview of a lifetime with Freeman’s tech visionary Anton Burrell. His career-defining moment is cut short when he thwarts an attack against the inventor. In the aftermath, Franklin finds a ring Burrell dropped that allows the wearer to jump back in time by 57 seconds. Sensing an opportunity, he teams up with Burrell to bring retribution to the pharmaceutical empire that’s responsible for the death of his sister and for ruining the lives of his family. His actions spark a horrifying chain of events that thrusts him into a race against time where crucial seconds could be the difference between life and death.

57 Seconds premieres in theaters and releases on digital on September 29