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New Project: 57 Seconds

New project for Josh staring with Morgan Freeman in this time traveler thriller. No word yet when production starts. Down below is the synopsis for the film. Screenplay is by Macon Blair. 57 Seconds is also based on a story by renowned British Author E.C. Tubb.

57 Seconds follows tech blogger Franklin Fausti (Hutcherson), who lands a career-defining interview with the visionary technology guru Anton Burrell (Freeman). After thwarting an attack against the celebrated technophile, Franklin picks up a mysterious ring that Burrell has dropped and soon discovers the ring allows its possessor to travel 57 seconds into the past. Driven by revenge and with Burrell’s support, Franklin uses the ring to dismantle the pharmaceutical company responsible for his sister’s death. But he soon gets entangled in a treacherous and brutal chain of events with much more than his own destiny at stake.

Source: Movieweb