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Future Man Season 2 Feels Like Waterworld and Mad Max

During New York Comic Con 2018, we spoke with Josh Hutcherson about season 2 of Future Man and learned more about some of the show’s unique influences, what movies it borrows from, and what this universe’s version of the future looks and feels like. In season 2, Josh, Tiger, and Wolf are thrust into the year 2162, where society is broken down into two factions: the Mons (“the haves”) and the Nags (“the have nots”), which borrows a stylistically demented vision of the future from movies like Mad Max and Waterworld. Hutcherson said, “There’s a bit of a Waterworld kind of element to it in the Nag. And Mad Max is one that we kind of used a lot in the Nag world. It’s very dirty and dusty and you feel like there’s no water.” He then added that Josh and Wolf are stuck in this society, and, incidentally, “Wolf has found his new home inside the Nag with this cluster family with, like, six husbands and wives; and there’s great satire and political commentary threaded throughout.”

Season 2 of Future Man will be available for streaming on Hulu in 2019.