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The Cast and Creators of Future Man Tease More Tomfoolery in Season 2

The cast looked ahead to what they were looking forward to during the upcoming season. “I’m happy the show called Future Man is finally in the future!” Josh mused. He also menttioned that he likes having a different journey this season: “He doesn’t have a lot of those nice ‘at home’ moments.”

Producer/Creator Evan Goldberg revealed that there would be a plethora of guest stars this year, including Timothy Simons (Veep), Will Forte (Last Man on Earth), Kristen Schall (Bob’s Burgers), Kerri Kenny (Reno 911), and some guy named Seth Rogan (co-creator of Future Man).

The cast obviously had a lot of fun on stage talking about their show. It’s that love and passion that makes Future Man’s… future look so bright.

Season 2 of Future Man premieres on Hulu Jan. 19, 2019